Cogito Mental Health Services | Cogito Mental Health Services

“If you can learn to control the six inches of space between your ears, then you can begin to systematically change the thought processes and habits which are the root of so many problems.”

Robert A. Grier
Founder & Licensed Professional Counselor

People often ask us how they should pronounce our name. Some say “Coe-jee-toe”. Others say “Cahh-jitto”. There’s not a right or wrong answer to the question – everyone’s brain is wired a little differently. And that’s where we come in.

Cogito’s mental health counselors help clients discover their own unique path, both through life and through the maze of thought, emotion, action, and consequence which come from those six inches of space between the ears.

Whether you or a loved one is in need of counseling, contact us today to learn more about setting up a confidential appointment with one of Cogito’s certified counselors. We offer in-office, in-home, and in-school counseling for people of all ages across the Dothan and Wiregrass area.

Cogito’s foundation is based on thought. You’ll find it right there in our name: Cogito Ergo Sum, “I think, therefore I am.”

We Help Clients With

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Teenage Problems
  • Behavior Issues
  • Anger Management
  • Communication
  • Trauma/Crisis Counseling
  • Church Counseling
  • Law Enforcement/EMT Counseling
  • Workplace Issues