Areas of Practice | Cogito Mental Health Services

Anger Management

When you become angry, you’re actually making a choice to put yourself in a certain state of mind as well as giving the power of choice to something or someone else in your life. Learn better ways of coping with your feelings of anger.

Marital Counseling

Pretending to be a perfect version of ourselves is the little white lie we all tell our partners at the start of a relationship. And after years of marriage, that little white lie may have set down deep roots which add stress to your home life. Discover how to repair your marriage and understand the root causes of your problems.


Anxiety and the resulting paralyzing fear about “what’s coming next” is often worse than whatever actually did or does happen. Learn how to effectively examine your behavior and implement relaxation techniques which can help relieve anxiety.


The hopelessness many depressed people feel comes from seeing no way out of their situation. By thoroughly examining our lives and challenging habits of thought and choices you can find freedom from the devastating cycle of depression.


We’re living in an amazing time in human history. It’s never been easier to instantly communicate with anyone — anywhere — through so many different technologies. So why does it feel like no one is actually talking with one another anymore?

Trauma & Crisis Management

Let’s face it, sometimes “life” happens and unforeseen situations can create devastating results. The ways in which people respond to times of immense difficulty can have a major impact on the resolution of a situation as well as adversely affect the quality of life for a long time to come.

Teenage Problems

The teen years are filled with ups and downs. it’s hard to know if a teenager’s intense emotions, anger, withdrawal, or rebellious behavior are normal development or a sign that something is wrong. We help teens learn to make smart choices and understand the consequences of their actions.

Law Enforcement/EMT Counseling

Our first responders are often the last to seek help themselves. The accumulated stress and repeated impact of all they see in the line of duty can have lingering effects for them and their families.

Christian Counseling for Churches

Our counselors are mindful of the spiritual battles which play out in the course of everyday life. We approach non-denominational Christian counseling from a Christ-centered perspective where individual needs are addressed in a safe and compassionate setting.

Employee Assistance Program

Every day people in the workplace cope with the many stresses, conflicts, and challenges that occur in modern life – all while juggling the responsibilities of their job. We provide EAP counseling to the most important resource of any company – its people.