Anger Management | Cogito Mental Health Services


Anger is natural and some get angry more than others. But no one can actually make you angry, nor can anyone make you happy. When you become angry, you’re actually making a choice to put yourself in a certain state of mind as well as giving the power of choice to something or someone else in your life.

There is a better way.

For many, anger often comes from unrealistic expectations — and unrealistic expectations are almost always followed by not getting what you want. Becoming angry about not getting what you want creates a new problem on top of the original problem, which likely leads back to unrealistic expectations.

At Cogito Mental Health Services, we help our clients adjust their thinking and choices by unraveling their layers of anger and examining irrational thoughts and beliefs. We think through the issues together to learn a new way of approaching what we want and the best ways to achieve these goals. Schedule an appointment with one of our anger management counselors today to learn a different way of coping with your feelings of rage and frustration.