Depression | Cogito Mental Health Services


Sometimes, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. While a pill can begin to correct that imbalance, it often takes more than a quick trip to the pharmacy to pull away from depression’s smothering hold on our lives. The hopelessness many depressed people feel comes from seeing no way out of their situation.

At Cogito Mental Health Services, we recognize that sometimes medications are needed to help our clients find a pathway through the challenges in life. However, we go beneath the surface in order to think together about the choices and habits which may have boxed them into their feelings of hopelessness in the first place. Often, by thoroughly examining our lives and challenging habits of thought and choices; you can be freed from the devastating cycle of depression.

No medicines cure mental health issues and a pill won’t help you make better choices and actions, but our counselors can teach you how to use logic and discipline to lessen the effects of living with depression. Schedule an appointment with one of Cogito Mental Health Service’s depression counselors to begin finding the light at the end of your tunnel.