Law Enforcement/EMT Counseling | Cogito Mental Health Services


Our first responders are often the last to seek help themselves. The accumulated stress and repeated  impact of all they see in the line of duty can have lingering effects for them and their families.

The culture of the “strong and silent type” has left many officers to deal with the challenges of their career alone. Many never develop constructive stress management coping strategies during their career to help them find balance and perspective. This lack of coping skills can lead to career burnout, divorce and depression, communication problems, and other potential setbacks to their mental health.

Seeking help for stress management and working to develop healthy coping skills is not a weakness for officers or their families. The certified counselors of Cogito Mental Health Services can help both the individual and his/her family develop coping skills and strategies to better deal with working in a profession that regularly exposes them to trauma and danger. Please contact us today to make a confidential appointment.