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Whether we admit it or not, many couples enter in a relationship selling – and buying – a bill of goods that is essentially false. On that first date, we not only polished our appearance to impress someone else, but we behaved differently from who we are at home. Pretending to be a perfect version of ourselves is the little white lie we all tell our partners at the start of a relationship.

When couples finally let their guards down and begin to relax together, they start to see the reality of who they are, warts and all. After years together, married couples will tell you that it’s not always pretty. And sometimes they find it’s easier to just continue hiding who they really are. It’s a rocky road paved with fears, insecurities, and miscommunication, perhaps going back many years.

The counselors of Cogito Mental Health Services work with married couples to discover how to repair their relationships and understand the root causes of their marital problems. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional counselors today to start learning ways of taking the stress out of your home life.