Teenage Problems | Cogito Mental Health Services


Being a teenager is hard. Adolescents are struggling to form their own identity, fit in socially, gain independence, and manage academic pressure. They experience physical changes, increased academic demands, social pressure, and more freedom – which means more choices.

For parents, it’s hard to know if intense emotions, anger, withdrawal, or rebellious behavior are normal development or a sign that something is wrong. The certified counselors of Cogito Mental Health Service help teens learn to make smart choices and understand the consequences of their actions on themselves and your family.

Cogito Mental Health Services offers in-school, in-home, and in-office counseling to teenagers in order to have a minimal disruption in their busy life. If you think your teenager needs help managing life’s changes and choices, please contact us today to start bringing a sense of balance back to your family.

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Communication
  • Behavior

Cogito also works with school systems and courts to help children and teens undergoing mandated rehabilitation. Please contact us for more information.