Donna Briggins

Mental health care is the field I chose to pursue because I believe everyone has the capacity for self-actualization.  I have a belief in the full development of the individual. However, sometimes, people’s ability to reach their full potential is either stagnated or interrupted by circumstances, crises, and/or change beyond their control.  It is my belief that mental health care provides a path to deal with these challenges. Due to the dynamics of a rapidly changing society a host of new challenges must be confronted to maintain sound mental health. Unfortunately, there remain barriers to mental health care, such as perception, denial, personal expense, etc. I maintain that access to mental health services is critical to the comprehensive health of a society. 

My credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgia State University, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in international affairs and development with a focus on gender and development from Clark Atlanta University.